Frequently asked Questions

What should I do if I encounter technical difficulties (eg enrollment issues, payment process errors)?

The technical difficulty you experience may be due to your browser's cache (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Firefox etc.). Please clear the cache or change the browser you are using.

If the pre-memory cleaning and browser change does not work, you may want to switch to another device (laptop, mobile phone, computer, etc.).

If the problem continues after changing the device, please receive the screenshot of the page you receive the error and share it with us. Our IT department will fix it as soon as possible.

If the delivery process takes longer than I expected what should I do?

The majority of the manufacturers in are listing manufacturers in Turkey. Sometimes these manufacturers can be forced to supply the products they produce. Therefore, delivery times can be longer than expected. Please note that we are tracking each order and trying to ensure that the orders are delivered to the fastest possible way to our customers.

Yet we know that some orders can have a high degree of urgency and that these orders can be more time sensitive than others.

In these and similar situations, our advice will be as follows: As we mentioned above, the online shopping experience in the Popust Store consists of several stages and our customers are aware of developments throughout the process. One of these stages is the confirmation of the order when we contact our customers to ensure their orders are still valid. If you do not receive this order approval call for a long time (or when you get it too late), please feel free to contact us to let us know that you want to cancel your order.