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Alb- Women LONG Khaki Quilted wool Oversize Mont-1297

Alb- Women LONG Khaki Quilted wool Oversize Mont-1297

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  • Kapitone fabric. Produced with high quality workmanship. It has long sleeves, hooded. The hood can come out. It is a comfortable mold. Wool is curly. It is a product that is resistant to intense winter conditions. His arms are lined. Model Body: 46. Model dimensions chest: 105 cm waist: 87 cm, basin: 116 cm. The hood may come out according to the preference. Product length: 105 cm.

    Product Dimensions: 46 Size Chest: 122 cm, basin: 134 cm,

  • 48 Size Chest: 124 cm, basin: 136 cm,

    50 Size Chest: 126cm, basin: 138 cm,

    52 Size Chest: 128 cm, basin: 140 cm,

    54 Size Chest: 134 cm, basin: 142 cm,

    56 Size Chest: 140 cm, basin 154 cm,

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