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CD- Dowry Pike Set Dubai Cappucino

CD- Dowry Pike Set Dubai Cappucino

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Double Pike set

Pike: 240*260 cm
Sheet: 240*260 cm
Pillow Case: 50*70 cm (2 piece)
Lace Pillow Case: 50*70 cm (2 piece)

*** Product fabric is a jacquard cherry pike fabric. It has a velvety soft texture. Fiber filling is not available in the product.
*** There is no fiber filling in the product.!
*** The photo shift was made while in a form of quilts.!

A special design has been created by carving with a pike edge with French lace.

Washing instructions

-Wash up to maxin or hand to 40 degrees.
-Wash the first washing with warm water with lukewarm.
-The stain with waterfall juice SDo not use elective chemicals.
Dark colors MKeep it as much as possible.
-ironing with the iron iron.
-Do not wait.
-The drying machine can be dried.

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