Terms & Conditions

The 4 transaction emails sent after the order are as follows:

The following are reference to the following 4-stage information process in demands such as return, exchange and update.

  1. Order Approval Email: Notifies that the order is received yet to our system and will be processed soon.
  2. Inventory Update Email: Gives information about the storage status and the warehouse to send the order.
  3. Shipment Update Email: Reports that the order is shipped the day that this email is sent.
  4. Local Post Office Email: It uses that the order came to the delivery country and has already been delivered to the local post office.

In addition to these transaction emails, you can access your user account to check the status of the order.

Conditions to cancel the order

From the above-mentioned transaction emails, the order must be forwarded to cancel the order in the order confirmation e-mail or search stage. The cargo process should be noted immediately when the order is approved during the approval stage.

After order confirmation Order cannot be canceled. After this stage, only the change or return procedure is monitored.

For information on the return process, see the relevant section.

Address exchange / update conditions

If the address change is only to be made in areas where information such as the city, neighborhood is located, the following method should be followed:

Four piece The Local Post Office Statement of the Process E-mail must be updated at the address before the previous stage before the e-mail is sent.

If the address change also includes the change in the country information, the following method should be monitored:

Four piece The shipment update email with the transaction e-mail must be updated on the address at the previous stage without being sent.

Communications must be contacted with the support team for changes to the delivery address. Support Team e-mail: support@popuststore.com

Conditions to be rearranged the order content if the wrong-bodied product and / or false product is ordered

During the order confirmation phase, the support team should be communicated with the customer, the change request in the contents of the order must be forwarded.

The shipment process will start immediately if the "original" order is approved during the approval stage. After this stage the order content cannot be rearranged. If the order is not required, the change or return procedure should be followed.

See the relevant section to learn about the product exchange and return procedure.

Shipment costs, times and conditions

Shipment Cost:The shipment cost is changed to the dimensions of the purchased product, weight, where to send the product and local postage fees. In the approval phase, customer service sends the details of cargo fee. Rewarding or canceling the order content should be forwarded during this approval search.

Shipment and Delivery Times:Shipments are made from our warehouses in Balkan countries and Turkey. Our main warehouses are mostly located in Turkey. For this reason, shipment and delivery times can vary depending on the distance between the warehouse and the destination address to which the product will be sent. For customers in Europe and the Balkans, the product is in stock in these countries, the delivery time is 3 working days. If it is to be sent from warehouses in Turkey may take 8-14 business days.

Shipment Conditions:The customer is responsible for the payment of changes and return costs. In case of return request, the shipping charges paid during the order creation are not refundable.